About .ONL

.ONL provides limitless access to everything online. It's the natural domain for all of your online activities, whether it's growing your business, building a community, or creating a space that is all about you. .ONL is the affordable, accessible, and easy-to-remember top level domain.


.ONL is made for the internet. Not only is it used everywhere from web lingo to texting, it's also the official abbreviation for “online" (see Wikipedia). More importantly, it's search engine-compatible. Engines like Google automatically interpret .ONL as "online" and show you relevant search results. It couldn't be easier!


The .ONL namespace is a completely new territory, and there's nothing else quite like it. The term "online" is a simple, well known, and powerful way to make your content stand out. Everyone will understand it's meaning and the word "online” is one of the most-used search terms on the internet.


.ONL domains provide you with an unprecedented opportunity to communicate online with web-users from around the world. They are completely versatile—a perfect fit for any content you can imagine, from photos and videos to commercial websites and shops.


Thanks to our first-class security standards, .ONL domains provide comprehensive protection from unauthorized access by third parties. As an additional measure, you may choose to employ an independent trustee as the administrator of your .ONL domain to ensure the very best protection of your private affairs.

1. Create

You know that blog, or shop, or website that you've always dreamed of starting? It's time to make it a reality. No matter what you have in mind, .ONL can help you put it out there!

2. Register

What's the best thing about being a trailblazer? Getting there first. With a .ONL domain, you can secure the exact address you want. Just request your address from one of our many partners to get started.

3. Flourish

A .ONL domain is sure to bring real traffic to your space. People from all around the world will see your content and remember the address even after they've left.

Giving Back

It's easy for most people to go online anywhere, at any time. Unfortunately, there are still too many people in the world without access to the Internet. At .ONL, our name is our philosophy. We are passionate about getting people online, and have made it our mission to improve and broaden Internet access for everyone.

As the registry operators of .ONL, we give every .ONL owner the opportunity of bringing to our attention individuals and organizations whose projects are particularly close to your heart and worthy of support.

If you have any ideas for a non-profit organization that you think we should support, please fill out the suggestion form. .ONL will hold a community-wide online vote to select which idea(s) or project(s) we will support.


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