.ONL Marketing Resources

Use the resources below in any way that is appropriate by the rules outlined. Click here to download the I-Registry .ONL Marketing Kit.


The .ONL logo consists of a round icon and a tagline 'you online'. The tagline should be used whenever possible. The tagline 'you online' should be centered below circle icon unless a horizontal configuration is needed. Scale icon and tagline proportionally. The logo and tagline should never be altered by condensing, stretching or distorting.

Type Elements

The tagline font is Neutra Text Bold. This font should be used for any supportive copy whenever possible.


The logo circle should always appear in green and the dot inside of the ‘o’ should always appear in blue. The ‘you online’ tagline copy should be in blue or it can knock out to white if used over a dark color or photograph. Be sure that there is enough contrast in the image for the type to read clearly.


Logo Usage

Tagline can knock out to white if needed.

Brand Statement

Because you do it all - online, why wait? .ONL is the shortcut to anything ONLINE.

.ONL is the top level domain for anything ONLINE. From business to personal, .ONL is the universal, affordable, and less restrictive online presence that allows YOU to be ONLINE with your name, brand, or idea!

.ONL is the simple way to stand out from other top level domains. Get .ONL and let the world know you're ONLINE.